One reason leadership is so fundamental is because it transforms a collection of talented individuals into a coordinated team


Eclectic is used to describe anyone who has a variety of interests or tastes and mixes ideas, concepts or sometimes physical objects in an original and/or eccentric way.


You need an energizing and interactive keynote to open or close your conference and make a lasting impact. Dana Marie will motivate your team to take unprecedented action.

Professional Host

Dana Marie is your host to be for any event, conference or show! She caters to you and your audience needs by providing you with the comfort of knowing you can live life worry free at your event. Dana Marie is proud to woo the crowd by making your event flow effortlessly at a smooth and steady pace. Along with adding a highly contagious energy that will leave you and your guest feeling ecstatic! Don't jeopardize the quality of your event, book today and "Live Life Free" with Dana Marie.


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